Spider-Man`s mask, glove and blaster for shooting web

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Spider-blaster that shoots a spider web; Spider-Man`s mask; Spider-Man`s glove

A new attribute for the role-playing game for true Marvel and Spider-Man fans!

The cool Spider-Man 3 in 1 set contains: a spider-blaster that shoots a spider web or water, a Spider-Man`s mask, and a Spider-Man`s glove.

Blaster shoots up to 6 meters away with fluid that does not spoil things. Also, you can shoot with ordinary water. The gadget can be easily attached to the hand, and the new secret weapon of the hero is ready! Shoot the spider web like real Spider-Man!

Children will be delighted with this gift!

Recommended age: 5 years.

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

For the first time, Peter Parker removed the Spider-Man`s mask in front of the general public, becoming a part of the Avengers. But then he repeatedly regretted this.

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