Spiderman and his super car toy - Playing set

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Spiderman and his super car toy - 3 in 1 playing set

Why is Spider-Man the most beloved character of the entire Marvel universe for most children? Due to his superhuman power and the ability to move upright walls. As well as due to his branded skill - the ability to shoot web. But the main factor is the fight against evil and crime in all their manifestations.

Thanks to his spider web, Spiderman easily and quickly moves along those streets where there are tall buildings. But what can he do when it is necessary to quickly overcome the distance, where there are no tall buildings?

That is why the Spider-Man has his own super car! Now he is able to overcome any obstacles!

The superhero and his vehicle are made of high-quality non-toxic plastic and are absolutely safe for children.

Spiderman`s super car is equipped with special retractable elements.

Completion: 1 figure, 1 Spider-Man car

Recommended age: from 3 years old

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

The release of the original series of comics about Spider-Man lasted from 1963 until 2012, when the last, the 700th number, was released. Several attempts have already been made to restart the series at this time.

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