Spider-Man 2099 figure - Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Titan Hero series

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Spider-Man 2099 figure from Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Titan Hero series

Superheroes online store represents a big Spider-Man 2099 toy that reaches almost 12 inches in height! Made by legendary American company Hasbro, the figure entered the Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero series.

Miguel O'Hara, gaining healing abilities, selflessly fights evil with a hope to restore peace and tranquility in the future world. Extremely humane powers and ability to move unnoticed like a ninja make him a real horror for villains!

Spider-Man 2099 toy is made of high-quality plastic and covered with a stable non-toxic paint. In the colors of the suit the blue predominates. The model can provide different poses, because the limbs can move. Playing with the Spider-Man 2099 figure, the child can invent various epic battles for the fate of the future!

Size of the figure is 12 inches

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Due to the genetic changes experienced by Miguel O'Hara, he acquired poisonous glands that release poison through his fangs. It is impossible to kill anyone with it, but enemies, bitten by the Spider-Man 2099, lose the opportunity to move for some time.

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