Spider-Man Peter Parker - Marvel Legends Series

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Spider-Man Peter Parker action figure from Hasbro - famous toy manufacturer,

Action figure of Marvel`s most famous superheo - Spiderman Peter Parker, produced by Hasbro (USA).

The Spider-Man is able to crawl upright the walls, shoot a web and generally possess superhuman abilities. Strength and dexterity in a heap with a spider's senses make him almost unattainable for enemies. And extraordinary mentality allows him to find the way out of the most difficult situations.

Spider-Man Peter Parker action figure is 6-inch in height, very realistic and reproduced by the developers as effectively and efficiently as possible. The superhero is made of harmless plastic. The toy has many points of rotation, so the model can take many poses. The set also includes variable head and hand brushes. Each comics fan will be in the seventh heaven, having such Spider-Man Peter Parker action figure in collection!

There is also a bonus item: Venom`s left-hand. This toy can be constructed if you collect all models from the Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man line. Want to play even more fun? Collect all the superheroes of the series and devise adventure for a whole supercommand!

Figure height: 15 cm

Package size: 5 * 14 * 30 cm

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

In the usual life, Peter Parker is an unlucky guy who is quite locked in himself. He is uncertain about himself with women. Does not shy away from work, but barely makes ends meet. But with all this, stretching the mask of the Spider-Man, he selflessly defends from a multitude of threats people, who often mock him.

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