Old Wolverine action figure - Marvel Legends X-Men series

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Фігурка супергероя Marvel Comics на прізвісько Росомаха (Wolverine), від знаменитого виробника колекційніх фігурок Hasbro серія Marvel Legends X-Men.

Superheroes online store represents Wolverine action figure from the American company Hasbro. The toy, depicting the most popular X-Man, became a part of Marvel Legends X-Men series.

James Logan is a mutant with a number of superhuman abilities. He is able to recover any damage, has immunity to most narcotic substances and poisons. On each of the arms he has three retractable claws. Through participation in the military experiment, Wolverine received a skeleton of the strongest metal on the planet - adamantium. But he lost his memory and devoted his entire time to find out who he is.

The Wolverine action figure is made of high-quality plastic and covered with durable non-toxic paint. The toy has many points of articulation, so the arms, legs and arms can move. The model has a very high level of detail. Both children and grown-up admirers of comics will like this Wolverine action figure!

Figure height: 15 cm

Package size: 5 * 14 * 30 cm

Recommended age: 4 years

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Adamantium (the metal used to strengthen the Wolverine skeleton) is the most solid substance on Earth. With adamantium claws he can cut almost everything - other metals, wood, stone. Exceptions are other objects with adamantium and vibranium (from which, for example, the Captain America`s shield is made).

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