Iron Man Mark 46 action figure - Marvel Legends series

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Iron Man Mark 46 action figure from Marvel Legends series

Superheroes online store represents the Iron Man action figure from Hasbro - American legendary manufacturer.

Tony Stark, wearing his Iron Man costume, has a number of superhuman abilities: armor is designed for loads up to 70 tons, firepower is provided by launchers of missiles and lasers, optimum solutions are assisted by complete artificial intelligence. In addition, thanks to special engines in boots and gloves, the costume of the Iron Man allows the host to fully fly!

Iron Man action figure is made of high quality non-toxic plastic and covered with stable paint. Due to many points of articulation, arms, legs and neck move freely, so you can provide different poses. The set includes replaceable palms and elements in the form of plasma shots that are inserted into the hands. A careful approach to the creation of all, even the smallest details, makes the Iron Man figure an exact copy of the movie character, who seemed to fly through the glass to the real world. No Marvel fan can walk past this model!

In addition to the Iron Man toy, the set includes a part of the Ant Man figure that can be built by collecting all Captain America Marvel Legends series. Try to do this and enjoy variate and interesting adventures with your favorite superheroes!

Size of the figure is 6 inches

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

In fact, Tony Stark became a cult and popular superhero after the release of films about the Iron Man in the early 21st century, where the character was played by Robert Downey Jr. In the IGN rating of "100 best comic book heroes of all time," Iron Man took only 12th place.

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