Iron Man Mark 43 action figure - Marvel Legends Infinite series

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Iron Man Mark 43 action figure from Marvel Legends Infinite collection, Hasbro

The figure of the Marvel comics universe popular hero - Iron Man (Mark 43) Tony Stark, from Hasbro, famous producer of toys and action figures.

Tony Stark, in collaboration with his high-tech Iron Man "Mark 43" costume, has a number of abilities: the costume armor can withstand up to 70 tons and is equipped with a number of functions - lasers, missiles, recorders and identification devices. Special boots allow him to fly. Model "Mark 43" helped Tony Stark and the other Avengers to overcome the insidious Altron!

Iron Man "Mark 43" action figure reaches 6 inches in height and is reproduced very realistically. The developers have made an effort to convey the smallest features of the superhero. Children and fans of comics will be delighted with this bright model!

The Iron Man "Mark 43" is made of high-quality plastic and equipped with numerous articulation points, thanks to which hands, feet and neck can move. This allows you to give the figure different poses. Tony Stark's alternate head complements the set.

There is also an element in the form of the left foot of the legendary Thanos - a villain of the universal scale that can be built from the details contained in each box of this Marvel Legends series. Collect all the heroes together, create a super command and try to challenge the most powerful of all evildoers!

Figure height: 15 cm

Package size: 5 * 14 * 30 cm

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Tony Stark is among 15 richest fictional characters in the list, created by Forbes. With a fortune of $12.4 billion, he ranked 4th. Stark estate in the ranking of the most expensive fictional buildings was estimated at 50.8 million dollars and ranked 10th.

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