Iron Man 12-inch action figure - Marvel Legends series

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Large Iron Man toy of 30 cm tall from Hasbro

Superheroes online store represents a large Iron Man toy - a figure of 30 cm tall from the American company Hasbro.

The Iron Man, whose real name is Tony Stark, is one of the most beloved superheroes of the Marvel universe. Unique charisma, self-confidence, prominent intelligence - he represents success. Looking at him, you understand that any problems can be solved even when the circumstances are not in your favor, and it seems that there is no way out. Toni teaches never to give up and to believe in yourself.

The Iron Man toy 30 cm is made of high quality plastic and is very mobile. It is equipped with many points of articulation, that allows his limbs to move and neck to spin. The model is transmitted as close as possible to the on-screen prototype. No admirer of Marvel movies and comics can pass by this Iron Man toy!

The set includes variable hands, elements in the form of laser shots and changeable Tony Stark head.

Figure size: 30 cm

Package size: 8 * 24 * 35 cm

Recommended age: 4 years

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Movies about Iron Man are some of the most lucrative. As a reward for his first movie (2008), Robert Downey Jr. asked for a percentage of its profits and received more than $50 million. For his role in the "Avengers: Infinity War" movie, he is going to get at least a hundred million.

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