Green Goblin action figure - Marvel Spider-Man Legends series

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Green Goblin action figure from Marvel Spider-Man Legends series

Superheroes online store represents a Green Goblin action figure from the American company Hasbro. The toy is a part of Marvel Legends Multiverse Spider-Men series.

Green Goblin owes its appearance to Norman Ozborn - the head of the giant corporation "Ozkorp". Among the directions of the company were those who studied the possibility of increasing human physical strength. Norman saw the potential that could be used to create weapons in this. He actively collaborated with the military on the creation of whey to increase the strength of the soldiers. However, he did not succeed in finding the ideal formula. In the end, despairing, Ozborn decides to test it on his own body. The experiment could be considered successful, if not for the side effect - having received super-ability, he completely lost control over himself. Frightened by this, Norman first understands the danger of using this whey. But later he begins to use it to solve his own problems and to get rid of his competitors. Known as Green Goblin and wearing a mask so that nobody can recognize him, Ozborn with his high-tech glider becomes the most dangerous villain in New York and the main enemy of the Spider-Man.

Green Goblin action figure is made of high-quality non-toxic plastic and is covered with a stable paint. The toy is equipped with many points of articulation, so that its arms and legs are moving, the neck spins. Each piece of the suit is made very carefully, so the model is a copy of the character of comics, which seemed to have flown from paper pages. The set includes a lot of accessories, including a branded glider. Green Goblin action figure will be a great gift both for a child and an adult admirer of Marvel.

The set also includes a part of the Sand Man toy (2 heads). You can get this model entirely by collecting all Marvel Legends Multiverse Spider-Men series. Try to do this and start your own adventures along with the legendary comics` characters!

Figure height: 6 inches

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

According to comics, Green Goblin controls his glider through a microchip mounted in its helmet. It transmits the impulses that direct the glider. In addition, it obeys voice commands.

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