Doctor Strange action figure (Cinematic Version) - Marvel Legends series

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 Doctor Strange action figure (Cinematic Version) from Marvel Legends series

Superheroes online store represents Doctor Strange action figure from the legendary American company Hasbro. The toy is a part of Marvel Legends Doctor Strange (Marvel Cinematic Version) series.

Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon capable to make real miracles in a professional field. But as a result of a terrible accident, his hands suffered such terrible injuries that the surgeon was away of dreaming to return to work. In search of someone who could cure him, Stephen got to Tibet and began to study in the Elder, who, as they said, was able to create a miracle. A series of unpredictable events led to the fact that it was his destiny to become the main magician of the Earth.

Doctor Strange action figure is made of high-quality plastic and covered with stable non-toxic paint. The toy has a lot of point of articulation, so the limbs are bent and the neck spins. Incredible detailing level is the result of the fruitful work of Hasbro developers. The model is an exact copy of the movie character, which seems to have descended from the screen. Both children and adult collectors will be delighted with this Doctor Strange action figure!

The set also includes a part of the Dormamma toy that you can get wholly, assembling all the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange series. Do it and enjoy an interesting and diverse game surrounded by legendary superheroes!

Size of the figure is 6 inches

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

The main role in the movie was seen by such well-known actors as Tom Hardy, Matthew McConaughey and even Keanu Reeves. In the end, Benedict Cumberbatch had presented his face to Stephen Strange.

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