Deadpool action figure - Marvel Legends series

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Deadpool action figure from Marvel Legends series, Hasbro

The figure of the famous talkative mercenary from Marvel comics called Deadpool. Made by Hasbro, famous producer of toys and action figures. This model is a part of the Marvel Legends X-Men series.

The stunning detailing of the suit and the huge amount of accessories make this model an incredible gift for the collectors and fans of the superhero.

The Deadpool action figure reaches 6 inches in height. Developers made an effort to make it look very realistic and fully repeat its hero.
Deadpool toy is an authentic and detailed copy of the character, made of high-quality plastic. It has many points of articulation, so that hands, legs and neck can be rotated.

The set includes a variable head and a whole arsenal of superhero`s favorite weapons.

The size of the figure is 15 cm

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

The main superpower of Deadpool is extraordinary regeneration. He is able to heal any wounds, and also has immunity to mental interference and thoughts reading.

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