Cyborg action figure - DC Comics Multiverse Justice League

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Cyborg "Justice League" action figure. DC Comics Multiverse Justice League series

Superheroes online store represents the Cyborg "Justice League" action figure. The model is a part of the DC Comics Multiverse Justice League series.

Victor Stone was an outstanding athlete, until a terrible accident nearly led to his death. Victor's father, an outstanding scientist named Silas Stone, saved his son. He had to secretly use alien technologies that appeared on Earth as a result of the invasion of Zorg. As a scientist, Silas had  an access to them. As a result, Victor Stone turned into Cyborg - something like an alloy of a living person with an alien mechanism, having hidden powers, mysterious even for himself. When Steppenwolf kidnapped Silas Stone, this fact forced Cyborg to join the Justice League in order to save close person and the whole world along with other superheroes...

Cyborg "Jutice League" action figure is a high-quality, authentic copy of the screen character. The toy has a lot of small workpiece details and a stunningly realistic costume. The model has mobile arms and legs, as they are equipped with many articulation points. This allows you to provide a variety of poses from the movie. Cyborg "Jutice League" action figure will appeal to both children and grown-up fans of DC movies and comics, making it an excellent addition to any collection!

The set also includes Cyborg`s weapons and Steppenwolf model`s parts. This toy can be obtained entirely by collecting all the figures of the DC Comics Multiverse Justice League series.

The size of the figure is 15 cm

Recommended age: 4 years

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Due to the large number of metal implants, the weight of Cyborg is much higher than the weight of an ordinary person, and is equal to 175 kg.

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