Symbiote Spider-Man - Marvel Spider-Man Legends series

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Symbiote Spider-Man from Marvel Spider-Man Legends series

Superheroes online store is pleased to present the Symbiote Spider-Man action figure created by the legendary American brand Hasbro. Being a part of a Marvel Legends Multiverse Spider-Men models line, it became a real decoration of this series.

Black Spider-Man is a toy depicting Peter Parker who has just discovered the charm of a new costume-symbiote, an alien parasite that transforms its owner into a monster. Feeling that his abilities have become even more powerful, Peter did not take into account the fact that his character started change for the worse. But later he would get rid of this suit. It will find a new owner and will return as Venom.

Symbiote Spider-Man action figure is made of high-quality non-toxic plastic. A careful attention to the smallest details turned the model into a true copy of the character of the comics, which turned alive and descended from the paper pages. The figure is equipped with many points of articulation, so hands, feet and neck move freely. Playing with this toy, the kid can provide different poses. In addition, there are alternating hands. Black Spider-Man is a toy that will not leave any kid or even an adult collector indifferent!

The set also includes a part of the Sand Man figure that can be obtained by collecting all models of the Marvel Legends series Multiverse Spider-Men. Try to do this and invent fantastic adventures along with your favorite heroes!

Size of the figure is 6 inches

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

An alien costume literally grows in its carrier, and if it does not direct all its doings, at least it essentially affects all its decisions and actions. The only thing that can paralyze his evil will is powerful sound waves. That's how Peter Parker could get rid of his black suit and came out of the symbiote. The Black Spider-Man disappeared, but turned into Venom.

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