Captain Universe action figure - Marvel Legends

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Captain Universe action figure from Marvel Legends

Superheroes online store is pleased to introduce a new toy from the American company Hasbro. Captain Universe is the action figure from the Marvel Legends series, that is a part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Homecoming line, dedicated to the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie.

Beloved superhero has gained new super powers from the Universe Power! Now he is the Space Spider-Man who is ready to face the threats of world scale.

Captain Universe action figure is made of high quality non-toxic plastic and covered with eye pleasant paint. The model is equipped with points of articulation, so the limbs are bent and the neck spins. A rigorous approach to each, even the smallest detail, makes the toy an exact copy of the character of comics, that seems to have descended from paper pages. Captain Universe - action figure for true Marvel fans - will become a real decoration of any collection!

The set also contains a part of Vulture toy that get it by collecting all the toys of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Homecoming series. Do it and enjoy an interesting and diverse game surrounded by legendary superheroes!

Figure height: 6 inches

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

On Earth, the Enigmatic Power that preceded the appearance of Captain Universe, transformed into the Force of the Universe. During global threats, this Force materialized in some person, giving it extra power. It is the carrier of this Force of the Universe who is called the Captain Universe.

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