Blade action figure - Marvel Knights Legends series

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Blade action figure from Hasbro. Marvel Knights Legends series

Superheroes online store represents Blade action figure from the American company Hasbro. The toy is a part of the Marvel Knights Legends series.

Eric Brooks, known as Blade, was born with superhuman abilities similar to those that vampires have. But unlike them, he does not have blood thirst, and also has immunity to their bites. Eric is not afraid of the sunshine, but his eyes are very much affected by it, so he always wears sunglasses. Blade appeared in this world to become a nightmare for vampires, and he will not know peace until they all are not destroyed.

The Blade action figure is made of high quality plastic and covered with stable, non-toxic paint. The model has many points of articulation, so its limbs and neck can move. This allows you to provide different poses. Every detail is worked out very carefully, so the toy looks very realistic. This Blade action figure from Hasbro will appeal both to child and adult comics fan, and will also become a real prize for collectors of superheroes' models.

The set also includes a variable head and weapon elements. The bonus comes with a part of the Man-Thing toy that can be built by collecting all the figures from the Marvel Knights Legends series. Do it and enjoy an interesting and diverse game surrounded by legendary Marvel comics heroes!

The size of the figure is 15 cm

Package size: 5 * 14 * 30 cm

Recommended age: 4 years

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Blade is ranked 63rd in the IGN rating of "Top 100 Comics heroes." At the turn of the century, three movies were created about him. The main role was played by Wesley Snipes.

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