Batman, Superman, Steppenwolf - DC Justice League Movie action figures set

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Set of the "Justice League" movie main characters. Batman, Superman and Steppenwolf action figures from Mattel DC Comics

Superheroes online store represents an exclusive set of the "Justice League" movie main characters` action figures! Batman, Superman and Steppenwolf models from Mattel DC Comics.

The earth was attacked by an immortal villain - Steppenwolf. And only united efforts can save the planet!

The set of action figures from the "Justice League" movie includes high-quality detailed models, copied from the screen characters. Each toy has 14 articulation points, that allow providing different poses and simulate any clashes. The set of the "Justice League" movie main characters is distinguished by special attention to the processing of costumes and equipment. Batman and Superman have fabric capes depicting their brand cloaks, and Steppenwolf has an ax with a backlight! This set will please both children and adults, and will perfectly complement any collection!

The size of the figures: Batman and Superman - 15 cm, Steppenwolf - 22 cm

Recommended age: 4 years

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

The  dimension from which the Steppenwolf arrived is called the Fourth World and is beyond the usual imagination of time and space.

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