Batman by Greg Capullo action figure - DC Collectibles Designer series 1

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Batman action figure from the Mattel DC Comics

Superheroes online store represents a Batman action figure from the famous Mattel DC Comics company.

Bruce Wayne is a successful entrepreneur. His wealth is calculated in billions of dollars, and his face does not leave pages of magazines and newspapers. But at night, he puts on a mask and turns into Batman - the knight of justice, who gave an oath to fight crime in all its manifestations. Guided by his own code of honor, Bruce never kills anyone. Batman does not have extraordinary powers, unlike most superheroes. Instead, he maintains ideal physical form and enjoys the best technical developments of his secret departments. A special suit expands his capabilities and makes it invulnerable to most types of weapons. But his main weapon is the horror that he instills into enemies.

Batman action figure from the American company Mattel is made of high quality plastic and is covered with durable non-toxic paint. The stunning detail of the toy makes it a perfect copy of the comics` character, which seems to have flown from paper pages to the real world. The model has many points of articulation, so that the arms, legs, and neck can move. This allows you to provide different poses. Both adults and small fans of DC comics will be delighted with this Batman action figure!

And in order to make your game more interesting, and collection - more diverse, try to collect all the legendary superheroes of this Mattel DC Comics series!

The size of the figure is 17 cm

Recommended age: 4 years

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

The authors named Batman as Bruce Wayne in honor of Robert I Bruce - a medieval Scottish monarch who went down in history as a king who was able to knock out England's recognition of Scotland's independence.

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