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Avengers movie Hulk action figure from Marvel Select

Superheroes Online Store presents Hulk action figure from the American company Diamond Select. The toy is a part of Avengers movie toy series.

The model is a copy of the screen saver of Bruce Benner in a state of reincarnation to Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo. Toy looks very realistic, which is not surprising, because attention to each, even the smallest detail, is a distinctive feature of the Diamond Select brand. However, this time the masters of the company surpassed themselves: Hulk action figure is made so thoroughly that even the muscles on the superhero body are copied with anatomical precision. A terrible look from under the curly eyebrows strikes an imagination.

Hulk toy is equipped with many points of the articulations, that allow to provide any poses from the film. The model will become a real decoration for any collection, and children will be simply delighted with the figure of the strongest representative of the Avengers team!

The size of the figure is 23 cm

Delivery: all over Ukraine

Did you know?

Hulk is the strongest creature on our planet (perhaps not only on it). In a calm state he can raise more than a million tons. But it happened that he had to deal with a much higher load. For example, once he held a huge rock, weighing 150 billion tons.

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